Before you use Texas Roadside Assistance App I want you to read this article and keep these tips in your mind:

When your car breaks down on a lonely road, it’s normal to feel fear and confuse. It can happen to anyone and anywhere. It’s better if you have already prepared yourself for this kind of situation because this will help you to think clearly that what exactly you need to do at that time.

When your vehicle breaks down or you notice any problem with it then without wasting any time, park your car on the side of the road. Do this quickly, especially if you are on the highway, because high traffic can be dangerous for you. If the problem with car happens in the night then try to park your car in streetlight so anyone can notice it and stop there for help. Normally people forget to turn the engine off, but I will suggest you never forget to turn your vehicle engine off because this can make the situation even worse.

No matter you are in a dark place or in the streetlight, do not turn off your car’s headlights.  Keep the vehicle safety kit in a car so you can repair small problems by yourself. Leave your car only if you have a kit and you know how to repair. If you can’t then get back in your car and lock it.

Now it’s time, when you should call for roadside assistance. There are many companies who are providing this service, but if you are in Texas then use the Texas Roadside Assistance App called “highway hand”. This app gives you the opportunity to choose best roadside assistance. You can select any one individual or professional near your area for help. After this, stay in your car and wait for that person to reach there.  When they reach there they will come to you and after confirming their identity come out of your car. 

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  1. Luke Smith

    Thank you so much for your advice to make sure you don't turn your car's headlights off when you are on the side of the road. I can see how having your vehicle properly illuminated could make it harder for people to hit you by accident, as well as easier for your roadside assistance to find you. I would imagine that choosing an insurance provider who offers something for roadside assistance would be a really good idea to make sure that you aren't stuck in a dangerous situation.

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