Privacy Policy

Highway Hand Privacy Policy

This section lays out the Privacy Policy for Highway Hand. The policy may change at any time without notice so please check back routinely.

User Data

We collect basic information from the user such as Name, Phone, email, etc. All information is not shared with anyone outside of Highway Hand and we do out best to keep it safe and secured.

Some of the personal information is share, as per the flow of the highway Hand platform, with the responder and vice versa but only once both parties have agreed to share such data. How or what these individuals do with the shared data is not up to us.

We also collect Credit Card information for our paying clients. However, no information, as per the US law, is kept on our servers. Instead all information if directly forwarded to STRIPE, our payment vendor. We suggest you consult their website if you wish to learn further about them.

From time to time we may use our algorithms to run behavioral pattern recognition without compromising or the use of personal/identifying user information.

We also use tracking information as part of the Highway Hand platform to better serve you.