How Does It Works

How does Highway Hand work?

Imagine having car troubles when you least expect

Imagine you are on your way to see your favorite band perform for the first time ever…. But then your car shutters and brakes down leaving you stranded on the side of a busy highway… You may have AAA or some other memberships that try to offer roadside assistance.

Wait is too long or Price too high – it’s stupid!

But how helpful is this assistance when it takes forever and costs an arm and a leg? Something as little as a tire change, the cost could be more than a $100 with a wait time of a few hours when all you need is a little help; from anyone near-by.

Try to stop others but they don’t know what you need help with

But how would others know what you need help with, even if they are willing and able to help?

Here is where Highway Hand comes in.

Highway Hand allows anyone to come to the aid of others. The user has the power to choose the best possible helper, based on approximate time of arrival and the complexity of the service.

How it Works

When requiring roadside assistance, users (helpees) are able to put up a flag using the safe and secure Highway Hand mobile app. If you know what the problem is, you can add those details for more specific help. The app finds and notifies trusted nearby users(helpers) that are able and willing to help with that particular problem. 

All requests to helper are anonymous, and exact location of the helpee is never shared until both parties agree to the services.

How it Works 2

Once accepted, both users can the see distance and contact information, facilitating fast and reliable exchange. 

After receiving your assistance, give your helper a “high five” when his service was excellent or warn others to stay away with a “thumbs down”. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to change a tire, or jump-start a battery or even provide other basic road side assistance.

How it Works 3

A Passer-by responds and help arrives

Within seconds you are on your way and all is well