Highway Hand

Highway Hand – Mobile app that empowers people in their time of need

Uber and Amazon, two of the most successful technology companies in the world have one thing in common that is core to their success; they both provide alternatives and give us the power to choose. We are able to gauge what product or service provider is rated the best and we are able to see what each product or service is going to cost us.

At Highway Hand we believe in empowering people. We believe people make better decisions when they have all the information they need & do better when they choose what is best for them.

We are building a mobile app that allows users to decide who should come to their aid when they are having car trouble.

Users enter what they need help with and Highway Hand returns a list of users willing to help; the cost associated with their service, their service ratings and their expected time to arrival.

But here’s the twist: anyone can help anyone!

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to change a tire, or jump start a car. Through Highway Hand, users can enter whatever they are comfortable providing help with, for example; providing gasoline along with any expected reward and highway Hand will match you with users needing assistance.

What’s so cool about Highway Hand

Highway Hand allows users (Helpee) to choose who should help them depending on their needs, their budget and the time-sensitive nature of the request. As such, it empowers people in their time of need rather then leaving them helpless, which is currently the status quo.

  • The user has the option to use a listed Roadside assistance service provider, or flag a passer-by for help for a small reward or even a good-Samaritan who is willing and able to help for free.
  • The user is able to see expected arrival times for each of the responders (Helper).
  • The user is able to read reviews and asses the skill-level of each of the responders (Helper).

Highway Hand is safe and secure. User data is not shared with anyone unless Helpee agrees to get help from a particular Helper. Furthermore, all transactions are through the Highway Hand platform keeping payment information out of the reach of community members.

Highway Hand allows small-business owners such as mechanics & automobile workshops to list their services. This provides them with not only additional revenues but other marketing and strategic opportunities too; while providing users with access to cheaper roadside assistance services.

Highway Hand allows community members such as students and other individuals to earn extra income by providing assistance leading to greater financial stability.

Highway Hand provides a platform for Good Samaritan’s to lend a hand to those in need, something that has been strictly lacking.

Furthermore, by increasing the number of people that can provide assistance from just a handful of roadside assistance providers to pretty much anyone within the community, users are able to receive Roadside Assistance at much lower costs and wait times with much lower levels of anxiety.