What is Highway Hand?

Highway Hand is an app that allows its users to put up a flag in the system, requesting roadside assistance.

 If you know what the problem is, you can add those details for more specific help. The app finds and notifies other nearby users that are able and willing to help.

All requests to help are anonymous, and exact location data is never shared until both users accept. Accepted requests allow both parties to see distance and contact information, facilitating fast and reliable assistance.

After receiving your assistance, you can

  • Give them a “high five” for the service,
  • Reward them for their generosity, effort, time and costs, or
  • Warn others to stay away with a “thumbs down”

Why Highway Hand?

Here are a few of the things that make highway Hand a more efficient, friendly and cheap alternative to a number of other Roadside assistance providers:

  • Allows its users to decide who should help them depending on their needs, their budget and the time-sensitive nature of the request
  • The user is able to see expected arrival times for each of the responders
  • The user is able to read reviews and asses the skill-level of each of the responders
  • The user has the option to use a listed Roadside assistance service provider, or flag a passer-by for help for a small reward or even a good-Samaritan who is willing and able to help at no cost
  • Allows small-business owners such as mechanics & automobile workshops to list their services
  • Empowers community members to help each other in times of need

How does Highway Hand work?

If you are someone who is comfortable working on a car, or an experienced mechanic, or a tow truck driver – or even if you’re someone who just knows how to change a tire and likes to help people, you can sign up as a “helper” with highway hand.

As a Helper you set your preferences:

  • What you are willing and able to work with
  • The distance within which you are able to offer help
  • And the reward you might expect, if any, to cover your costs and efforts

Alternatively, a user who might need roadside assistance can use the app to flag what he/she might need help with. The system matches user’s request with the “helpers” preferences and distance and presents to user a list of “helpers” along with their distance and other information.

The user has the luxury to choose from a list of “helpers” based on past reviews, distance and other factors allowing him to make a more informed decision. The user then selects 3 potential “helpers” and the system notifies them of the user’s request.

Each “helper” responds with their ETA and the user picks the primary responder to fulfill his/her request.

Once the job is done, the user can rate the “helper” building a safe and trusting community.

What Highway Hand is not?

Highway hand is not a roadside assistance service provider.

Highway hand is not directly employ or contract any individual or businesses providing roadside assistance.

Highway hand is not Uber for road side assistance.

Highway hand is not a mediator nor takes any liability or responsibility.