The Company:

Highway Hand, Inc. is the parent company and owner of the Highway Hand app. It is founded by Hamza Malik and is incorporated in the state of Texas.

The Mission Statement:

The company was founded on the core principals of ethics, and the innate desire for mankind to help one another. At Highway Hand we believe that society is full of good Samaritans that are willing to help those in need. We believe people make better decisions when they have all the information they need & do better when they choose what is best for them. We believe in the power to choose. That is why our app provides a simple, safe and secure platform that connects people who are willing to help with those in need of assistance, giving users options and more power over their lives.

The Origin Story:

The idea for Highway Hand came to me on a hot summer day in Texas. Crawling through rush hour traffic, I saw a car broken down on the side of the road, and decided to stop and see if I could help. It turned out the occupants of the car were a mother, and two young children. They had been stranded for hours, while she went back and forth with her insurance company to get roadside assistance. Traveling alone with her kids, she didn’t feel safe enough to step out and flag other drivers down, even though all she needed was a tire change. I obliged and After a 10 minute fix, she was good to go. She even offered me a cash reward that I politely declined. Later, I realized how a few minutes of my time saved this family hours of unnecessary hassle.